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Research and Development

The Group operates research and development laboratories at its production sites in Holon and Binyamina. These laboratories conduct research and development of generic products in order to expand the Group’s product basket and to consistently improve its production portfolios.
The Group considers its R&D as its principal strategic arm for its mid-range and long term growth. Consequently, the Group promotes a number of infrastructure processes in the field of research and development designed to accelerate and upgrade the Group’s R&D capabilities.
Throughout its years of activity, the Group has developed dozens of new products in the Rx, OTC, dermo-cosmetics and nutritional supplement categories; and currently, it is in the process of developing many other products (including generic pharmaceuticals and dermatological products).
The research, registration and development department is in the process of continual growth and considerable resources are invested in the R&D laboratory.

The Group conducts its research and development on two main channels:

1.Developing Innovative Drugs
The field of research and development is a strategic channel that is important to the continued growth of the Group in the future. The Rekah Group attributes great importance to adopting innovative technologies in the field of generics and actively seeks out cooperative efforts in this field. Accordingly, an agreement in principle was signed with a central Israeli medical institution for cooperation in the field of research and development of new technologies. The Rekah Group and the medical institution are working to locate, research, develop and commercialize innovative drugs that are a result of new combinations and reformulation of pharmaceuticals and to expand the indications for existing drugs. The cooperation is based on the medical and pharmaceutical research and development capabilities of both parties.
Concurrently, the Rekah Group is working to expand its capabilities in the field of research and development (recruiting personnel and expanding infrastructure) and enlisting sources of government support.

2.Expanding the range of products
The Rekah Group is working to accelerate the processes of new product development in its laboratories. Additionally, the Group actively promotes and implements know-how transfer agreements with overseas companies as a means of shortening the development processes, and it is working to expand its capabilities in the field of research and development (recruiting personnel and expanding infrastructure) in order to develop a variety of new products every year.

In addition, business development activity is conducted as part of Rekah Investment in Tech (RITE).

Rekah Investment in Tech (RITE) is engaged in locating, developing and cultivating business projects in the medical field; expanding the Group’s activity overseas; obtaining licenses for the distribution and sale of drugs in African and Eastern European countries.
Rekah Investment in Tech was established in 1999 as a joint venture between the Group and Dr. Jack Azran, in order to expand the Group’s marketing strategy to also include foreign markets.
In recent years, RITE’s activity has focused on the registration of drugs and marketing of the Group’s products to developing and emerging markets around the world. RITE is responsible for the export process in foreign countries, registration of the Group’s products, design of the products and adapting them to foreign markets, participation in international tenders, etc.
Concurrently, RITE coordinates the Group’s international contacts and works to create strategic cooperation between the Group and foreign pharmaceutical companies in the field of import, acquisition of know-how and export.