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The Group’s retail division includes the operation of 7 pharmacies as part of the Center Pharm retail chain and the “Beit Derech Haim” (Lifestyle House) at the Old Tel Aviv port, a Beit Derech Haim in Nazareth and a new Beit Derech Haim in Ashdod, as part of Vitamed’s Derech Haim activity.

Center Pharm Retail Pharmacy Chain

The Center Pharm Pharmacy Chain specializes in the retail sale of medication, cosmetics and perfumes, cleaning products, toiletries, baby products, health food products and hygienic products.
Each of the chain’s branches have signed agreements with Meuhedet and/or Macabi and/or Clalit healthcare services, which enable the patients of these healthcare services to purchase medicine using prescriptions at the chain’s branches. Moreover, these agreements have specified the standards for the quality of the service, computerization, reporting procedures and discounts with each of the healthcare service providers.

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In 2013, Center Pharm entered the field of online sales (internet sales) in cooperation with Bela Online, headed by Mr. Shai Almog.

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“Beit Derech Haim” - Lifestyle Houses Chain

The Group runs 3 “Beit Derech Haim” Houses, in the Old Tel Aviv Port, Nazareth and a new Beit Derech Haim in Ashdod. These houses offer services to the public, individuals and organized groups.
The Beit Derech Haim Houses in the Tel Aviv Port and in Nazareth operate as a holistic center for a healthy lifestyle and feature: a gym, spa, health treatments, conferences and lectures on health related topics and a health food restaurant called Bariba.

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