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Marketing and Sales

The Rekah Group’s Marketing Division includes Ophir Ltd. and the “Derech Haim” brand - which includes importing, packaging, quality assurance and marketing of vitamins and natural products, conducted by Vitamed, since 2004, as part of a long term agreement between Vitamed and Kupat Holim Clalit.
The marketing and sales division, through the Ophir & Shalpharm subsidiary, focuses on three main fields in order to provide a comprehensive solution for the customers’ pharmaceutical needs.

  • The pharmacy field (prescription drugs - Rx, non-prescription drugs - OTC, dermo-cosmetics)
  • The natural products and vitamin field
  • The general field (toiletries, para-medical, medical accessories, etc.)

The division markets and sells the industry division’s products, imports designated product lines for the local market, and represents a long list of additional suppliers, to which it provides marketing and sales services and/or designated distribution services to the local market.
The division imports, markets, sells and distributes drugs, cosmetics, toiletries and medical products.
Additionally, the division provides marketing, sales and/or distribution services to 50 additional suppliers (including: Unilever, Diplomat, Zer, Shavit, Sodot Ha’Mizrach (Oriental Secrets), Danshar, Hogla, Menta, etc.) and manages over 3,000 different products.
The division maintains ongoing contact with its customers through an extensive system of sales agents and call centers, which are in daily contact with the company’s customers.

The Pharmacy Field

The Rekah Group is among a few pharmaceutical manufacturers in Israel that manufacture the widest assortment of drugs.
Our pharmaceutical product basket is comprehensive and spans all the main treatment fields and dosage types. These drugs (Rx or OTC) provide a suitable and efficient solution to medical problems in 23 different therapeutic fields, such as:

the pharmacy field table

In addition to prescription and non-prescription drugs, the Group manufactures a variety of medical dermo-cosmetic products for skincare and treatment of the skin, such as the Uraderm, Dermacol, Aquosom and the “Baby Pasta” products for baby and mother.
The “Baby Pasta” products for baby and mother have been leaders on the diaper cream and baby product market for many years and are supported by advertising campaigns, point of sale activity and at the mother-child clinics and maternity wards.
The division runs extensive marketing activity in the pharmacy field that focuses on the Group’s core products, including:

  • The “Baby Pasta” Line for babies
  • The Uraderm line for skincare and skin treatment.
  • OTC drugs, primarily in the dermatological field.
  • Medication for winter illnesses: syrups for cough and colds, fever and pain, runny nose, muscle and joint pain.
  • Medication for summer illnesses: creams and gels for burns, insect bites and skin irritations, fungal treatment, digestive system problems, etc.
  • Ophthalmological Drugs: Drops for dryness, redness, burning and itching of the eyes, artificial tears, ointments for eye infections, glaucoma, allergic ophthalmological reactions.

The marketing activity is diverse and directed toward end customers and B2B customers, using a variety of advertising methods (mass media, online activity, informational materials, advertising at points of sale, distribution of professional materials to the pharmacy community and launching sales campaigns and extensive activity of the field agents and telephone sales).

Nature Products and Vitamins

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented increase in awareness regarding a healthy lifestyle, together with an increase in awareness with regard to nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals, medicinal herbs, etc.
Nutritional supplements serve as healing aids and help prevent and treat diseases and various conditions, according to the age of the patient. They are backed by dozens of research studies conducted worldwide.
The division’s activity in the field of vitamins is divided between two main fields:

1.Activity as part of the “Derech Haim” brand

Import, marketing, sale and distribution of vitamins and nutritional supplements exclusively marketed by Vitamed to Clalit Healthcare Services under the “Derech Haim” brand by a designated team and through a long term agreement between the parties. The product basket includes vitamins, multivitamins, products based on medicinal herbs, minerals and nutritional supplements. Vitamed’s activity focuses on the quality assurance of the products, labeling and packaging according to the Health Ministry’s standards, marketing, advertising and publicity.

  • The Clalit Group’s “Derech Haim” line was launched 11 years ago, and since that time has become one of the leading nutritional supplement lines in Israel.
  • The line includes vitamins, minerals and medicinal herbs and a line of natural cosmetic creams.
  • The “Derech Haim” nutritional supplements are manufactured by NBTY, a leader in the nutritional supplement industry in the U.S. that works under the strictest standards of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and GMP quality assurance standards.
  • Moreover, the products are authorized by Clalit’s expert committee.
  • “Derech Haim” products are sold exclusively at the Clalit Healthcare Services pharmacies, with a discount of up to 50% to members of Clalit Mushlam and Platinum insurance plans.
  • All the “Derech Haim” products are certified Kosher by the Haifa Chief Rabbinate, and some carry the Hatam Sofer Kashrut certification.

For a list of Derech Haim products and activity fields :

2.Manufacturing, import, marketing, sales and distribution of vitamins to Israel’s private market

The division markets a wide variety of vitamin products to the private market (pharmacies, pharmacy retail chains and natural product stores), vitamins and natural product stores). The vitamins and nutritional supplements are manufactured by the production division (Vitamed) or are imported to Israel by the division. The leading brand in this category is the Nature Bounty brand manufactured by a leading American company, along with an extensive series of vitamins, the leading brand - Ester C - a unique formula of Vitamin C marketed by the division in Israel).
The Group also exclusively markets a series of natural products by Eastern Secrets (Sodot Ha’mizrach), which includes the Tibetan Tea brand and many other natural products.
Over the years, the division has amassed vast experience in the field of natural products and vitamins, while coordinating its marketing and sales of leading brands on the Israeli market. We believe that this field will continue to serve as one of the Group’s future growth engines.